Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Parser for

After i created the first mindmap by hand, i decided that this way is to expensive. I believe, it took me hours to copy links and write method names by hand. So i wrote a quick and dirty script, which makes heavy use of hpricot and do all the basic work (parsing the methods, creating names and links, and finally putting this all together in a ready mindmap). So the only thing i have to do, is to categorize the methods. This saves me a lot of time and keeps things easy. I know, that it's written in a poor way, but it works (mostly) ;-)

View or Download the script and use it like that:
ruby [name of the saved file].rb
and follow the instructions. The mindmap should be written to the script directory.

Feel free to do whatever you want with this script ;-)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ruby Hash Mindmap - Update

I just finished the 2nd mindmap. This time i covered the ruby class "Hash".

You can grab the file for FreeMind here

Update: Also available on my MindMapper: Ruby Hash Class Mindmap

Monday, July 16, 2007

Ruby Array - Update

The first one is a mindmap of the class Array in Ruby.

The red arrows aside each method indicates, that there is a clickable link, which directs you to the shown method in the ruby documentation.

Especially the categories are not perfect. It was just a first try, so let me know, if you have suggestions or improvements.

You can grab the file for FreeMind here. It would be kind, if you postback your modifactions.

I'll add more ruby classes the next days.

Update: Also available on my MindMapper: Ruby Array Class Mindmap


In this blog i will collecting some mindmaps concerning ruby and ruby on rails. I created some mindmaps over the last months, which map the online documentations.
I will add them by and by. Maybe someone will find this useful.

Suggestions and contributes are very welcome !

The only thing you need to have, is the fabulous tool FreeMind